Audiobook : Beneath The Surface

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Audition for Book : Beneath The Surface which falls in Category : Teen & Young Adult
Normalized at -3 db
Peak level -3.26 db
RMS : -19.75 db
Noise floor : -110 db

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) Indian (General) North American (General)


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The day was present. It was partly cloudy. Despite the weather reports, there were no signs of thunderstorms reported as being on the way. I was preparing for a picnic with several of my colleagues While listening to the radio, I heard Dave, the Weatherman say there will be thunderstorms appearing in the sky within 45.3 minutes. I couldn't understand how David the man talking could be so precise. It sounded more like a prophecy than a weather report. Only how could that be? He turned with a look on his face that I can only describe as a fierce grin, the bright rubber ducky sunshine brighter than ever before. Yes. For whatever the reason he called the sun, a rubber ducky. Go figure. His words caught me by surprise. As for me, I just called the sun the sun. I never thought much about renaming it or what that name might be. And if so what it would mean, however, I had learned long ago not to question Dave's words, no matter how bizarre or prophetic, they might seem to be. Most people called him Siri. His birth name was David. Many said that he was like an Albert Einstein or an Isaac Newton names that simply never impressed me. The bottom line was that he always seemed to be ahead of the game and not a man to be questioned. Even though some thought him insane. I wondered if it was a natural talent. He had developed a gift from a bow or if demons and the like were tricking our eyes as expected from you moaned, Jack, you are always right. David raised his head with the usual pride which to me sent a message of deep sense of integrity and sagacity. Others standing nearby seemed as if they wanted to beg to be allowed to head Homeward Bound. But sadly, they couldn't bring themselves to take a step toward the door. So we decided instead to have an indoor tea party. I know it seems weird but that is what we did. David had a carefree attitude. His fox like face indicated his elegance and regal type mind. For some reason, he loved to wear glasses even though his eyesight was 2020. He thought that the glasses created an attraction. I never really knew an attraction to whom a tea party had begun. Some on tabletops, some just placed their teacups on their seats and the rest on the window mantles where they could stand and chat. We had a toothsome sake. Cheers. We all yelled. It seemed like we were lost stray kids having a party at an orphanage. David had taken off his glasses and he held them in his hands, swinging them here and there thinking he was all that. That was just him. Jesse burst out of nowhere from behind the door. He seemed overwhelmed and was panting clearly out of breath. She took the ghost out of him. Actually, I planned to check if it were true. Not really sure how I would know but checking was what I did. Sorry to say. His glasses fell and broke after falling from the two story apartment window. To me, his ability was too good to be true. He would have already known and avoided it if that were the case. I even noticed whenever his sayings were true. He wore his glasses. Go figure. Eek Shrieked, Jack. I asked what was wrong? Just then 45.3 minutes elapsed and the Thunderstorm began. I smirked.