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holidays bring in the high heat today. That one really split the operates. Heatley lights the lamp. Oh, it's a slobber knocker out there. Oh, man. I must be the first guy who was that were pressured into marriage with me. The queen here. I love your home. It's your castle. This every place, those old energy wasting windows and saved royally. Your Canadian Standards Association reddit f in windows on the best in Canada. The Acosta make on a store. Your windows and doors. I'm Do you Do I pay for one year? O A c Bloody great investment. Oh, hi there. Welcome to Smart Valley. One of Mother Nature's favorite spots. Hey, that reminds me she's coming for a visit to see if you can catch me. I will tell you more about it. Wow. 629,000 results. And all this time I thought that Googling yourself was left another thing. Oh, homie, this is such a great idea. You're so romantic, homey, whole homey. Okay, here's what I know. Mr. Button, you should run for president. Oh, Mr Batam, use around for President. You should run for president. Oh, Mr Batch in you should run for president when you're ready to decorate your home on a budget, there's no better place to shop than calico corners. A calico corners. You'll always find name brand decorator fabrics marked down 40 to 75% off showroom prices every day. Wow, that's cool. Hey, Juan, I know you're trying to hit him by Blatche. Carter knocked him out. Any time you want, until it's just a dream, George. Well, George, you just have to make sure it doesn't happen. You need to nominate a woman to run against Hillary. I'd like to thank you, Larry, for giving us this opportunity to speak directly with the people of this great country. Better toe, have a one on one dialogue with the individuals we represent and serve the American people Well, whoever you are, it's my business to know who's who and what's going on around here, especially when it comes to snotty nosed little Children. You move in next door, I'll be keeping my eye on you, They say diamonds are a girl's best friends, but I'm FSC. I like all the rings. It Paul's two lives. They know every deserves a stunning wedding ring. It's just a pity. They always come with husbands. People in this town shall feel the unusual Seabreeze. When she comes to me, the keeper supplies in the back car. What's it called? Caboose. That I'll think of something. Trust me. Okay, Okay, fine. But why does America need a prime minister?