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This is a book about Boy who’s family thinks is too Poor by his own macaroons

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Teen (13-17)


African (General) South African (General)


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too poor to buy my own record rooms. Think again. So me 16 male and my two sisters, 11 and 13 female, were on a day trip to Victoria BC, with our mom for context. I do have multiple part time jobs. I'm not rich by any means, but I do have some extra money saved up, which happens to be useful for this occasion. We stumbled across a macaroon shop and, as you probably know, macaroons are expensive. I only wanted one because I was already pretty full at the time. So I asked one of my sisters that they can spend $2 in a single macaroon for me as they were already buying like four for them Selves. She refused, which was whatever for me, because it is her own money after all. However, what took me off was when she said in a snotty voice, Oh, you're too poor to buy your own macaroons. I feel bad for you. Okay, game on. So, without a word, I went up to the