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This is a song that I recorded that shows off some of my vocal abilities.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
sorry. The same with the same with the same. It was a shame. What a shame, man. These *** want my old *****. These *** want my old *****. I said these *** with my old ***** *******! You want my old *****, but check it. I tell them, Yo, black The sore purple rain Poor Freddie Gray clouds flowing over Be more a pack more filled with them Young black boys laugh now cry later ****! I gotta laugh for the world is for the taking What I got to ask for But from a trap house *** to a glass door They travel with the rock *** Like a rap tour but couldn't write a hooker verse I put you d no grass of turf stack there Then they stashed at work I can smash the four Perk Savin since my day or birthday Slammed the brakes and making skirt Grabs the weight They got that work, Graham. I slaved up in that dirt Mama went to school and work Dalai Lama about a dollar baby Mama Dooney Purse Uzi Vert With all my chain hope this X men held my pain out of place but never left catch your breath and catch my breath. I did it right to nothing Left kiss tonight I gotta jet I'm hotter than some morning breath Cool up in my polo sweat but popping like a per cassette But I'm Tarzan on his anti rocket Fanny's like a faggy stealing candy from the babies I was a baby stealing candy But where the lien That *** with them asking rocking jeans But you slacking with shame. What a shame. What a shame, man. These *** from my old ***** these *** from my old ***** bitch! ******* Goddamn God! God! God! God damn! Okay, What a shame. What a shame! What a shame. What a what a shame. What a shame. What a what a shame. What a shame. What? What? What a shame. What a shame. Mm. Yeah, yeah.