Patrick Hunt- Creative Agency \"Thrive\" - INSPIRING AND EMOTIONAL

Video Narration


Creative agency brand video to inspire to be unique and reach for the stars.

Approachable Relaxing Comforting Warm Uplifting Nurturing Classy Calming Reflective Inspiring Inspirational Motivational Friendly Conversational Believable Confident Informative Authoritative Casual Relaxed Emotional

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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This is a story about infinite constellations powered by dreams and imagination. But stars are hard to reach, right? These are just dreams we leave behind We grow older and change our minds Space is just way too hard to climb But maybe maybe we're much closer than we think. Maybe these are dreams of a different kind. What if we told you we are all made of star stuff? What if we could take you higher? Push you farther? What if we could help you breathe life into your ideas then? Would you believe in dreams? Shake your head really hard for me? Yeah. Awesome. What if we could help you share your story with the world? Then Would you believe What if we don't have to wait from Our dreams are restless Minds could be free to wonder At the wonder of the magic we make at content we create together possibilities are like stars all going to one destination to you to thrive. Mm hmm.