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Welcome to the unlocking your people podcast. We believe that successful businesses run on people and relationships the better your people perform, the better your business will perform. This show is dedicated to business owners and team builders that are looking to get the best out of their people and workforce. Each episode will be a strategy, a message and even tips and tricks to help you create and cultivate a passionate workforce for your organization. Your host has spent her career helping companies and leaders handle the tough people stuff at work and helping people work better together so they can increase their impact and the results. Ceo of E-3 consulting Jess Chapman. Hello everyone. Thanks so much for tuning in today. Are you enjoying the show this far? We know the people stuff in your business can be tricky to nail down. Each scenario feels unique on its own. We go through so many resources and tools with the podcast. It's tough to keep up, we get it. So what if you had all the right tools and training to help your organization be successful every single day with your people and the culture you're building jess and her team have created a range of training programs that can help you with all the different challenges of unlocking your people for the challenges of leadership. There are two core programmes elevate for supervisors and propel for more senior leaders. Both programs dig deeper into the concepts, frameworks and skills that you've heard throughout this podcast series, From building trust and empathy to having those tougher people conversations to managing conflict and so much more to see which program makes more sense for you. Please go to www dot e three dot c a slash training for the full breakdown. The best part, all the programs are fully virtual and modular, meaning you can do them anywhere anytime and fit them into your busy schedule and if you're facing particular challenges in building your team, managing change or managing performance, we have online tool kits that can solve your unique challenges today, once again, w w w dot e three dot c a slash training Now. Back to the show. Mhm. Yeah, The second one, I hope you enjoyed that episode today on the unlocking your people podcast, make sure to hit subscribe on whichever platform you're listening to this on. If this episode made you think of someone, go ahead, take a screenshot and share this episode with them. This show exists to showcase what is possible when leaders have the right strategies and frameworks to tackle the tough people stuff within their business and organizations to learn more about how jess and her team can potentially help your organization unlocked the potential and its people take a look at the options at www dot e three dot c a. The better your people perform, the better your business will perform. Once again, it's www dot e three dot c A. All right. That's a wrap. We can't wait to hang out with you on the next episode.