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From 1996 to 1998 I hosted a weekly TV show on the Discovery Channel Canada covering the world of computers and the Internet. In this episode we covered Windows 98, the latest version of Microsoft's operating system. This excerpt is from the conclusion to that episode.

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So to sum up, Windows 98 is a fixed up dressed up grown up Windows 95. This is in Geek speak a maintenance release. Now it is true that this latest version of Windows offers many system level improvements and support for many of today's hottest technologies, but for the typical home user, Windows 98 does not represent a large enough leap forward to justify spending over $130 on it now. Please remember we aren't knocking Windows 98 as an operating system. We've been running it for months and it is definitely more stable and feature rich than Windows 95. If you are still using Windows 3.1 and as long as you have a 46 66 or faster with 16 megs of RAM now is a good time to upgrade to 32 bit Windows And if you're buying a new computer after june 25th, make sure it comes with Windows 98. It's the Windows 95 users who have the least to gain by purchasing the win 98 upgrade. That's it for this show. We'll see you next week.