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hi and by and today I am going to tell you about the cold and the flu as so very well aware of the fact. Like nowadays we're get infected a lot affected by the cold and flu. So as one door lady, you know, like we might have tried various medicines, just two key orders, cold and flu. And we are like by the fella I am being infected do to this because it's not only affect our health, but also of work. People were working. They are not able to concentrate on their work. They might have tried. Various medicines are like which are available in the market like various noser vistors to get enough a better sleep because this cold and flu is basically caused by the upper respiratory tract infection. Okay, and it is basically transmitted by some virus infected airborne droplets. So today and there is going to let you know about a certain remedy that quickly solves your problem, and it is easily available at their home. You don't have to do anything. It's their at their home, and it will help you sleep better, and it will cure the other's throat and cough and cold problem like for the lifetime, because you might have taken various medicines or you might have visited doctors. But still, his problem occurs spontaneously, like 15 days. You know, find another 15 days again. You are suffering from the same problem and you might be blaming the weather, or you might be taking various precautions like