David Byrne and Black Jeans

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This demo is a section out of David Byrne's \"How Music Works,\" where he recounts his experience of stocking up on black jeans in Paris. You'll hear my stylistic choice of staccato and emphasis on keywords to bring out the strong emotion underneath Byrne's words.

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Hey, I'm Peter Johnston, and today I'm gonna be reading you a section out of how music works by David Byrne. At that time, one couldn't buy black skinny jeans in the United States. Imagine, but when we played in Paris, after our first record came out, we went shopping for HLA genes and finding them easily, we stocked up. The French obviously appreciated what they viewed as the proto American Rebel look more than Americans did. But what's more American Everyman than jeans and T shirts? It was a sexier every man than the polyester suit guy and jeans and T shirts air, easy toe wash and care for on the road. But make no mistake, these were in ordinary blue jeans. Thes were skinny, straight leg black jeans referencing an earlier generation much, much earlier of rebels and festering youth. These outfits and the silhouettes of agree sirs and rockabilly performers like Eddie Cochran but also the Beatles and Stones. Before they had a wardrobe budget. Symbolically, we were getting back to the basics