Quinns commercial demo

Radio Ad


I have way more than this, but for now this is my commercial demo.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Arabic (General) British (General) North American (General)


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Hi, I'm Quinn Kiddo and I'm a voiceover artist. Some clients include american Express Bank of America Ford Goodwill, Hasbro, I Heart, radio, mattel, netflix, Petco Samsung Shakey's Pizza, Tyson Chicken, the United Way walmart and Xfinity. It's the digestion solution we'd want if we were pets, stop in this season and have our costume consultants help create your one of a kind look plus you're helping your community by shopping at Goodwill, Goodwill. Elevating people with Hatfield all natural american made pork. You can take a journey of taste, but cole is the number one doctor recommended stool softener brand. So next time you're up against occasional constipation, remember coals and feel the difference. A little softness can make teddy Roosevelt was a commissioner in new york city from 18 95 to 18 97. He was a passionate advocate of reform, focusing attention on police corruption and voter fraud that goes beyond your imagination to inspire it. You're in Muskoka is Touchstone resort