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For almost 30 years we've lived, breathed and embodied this brand. We've done well. Our eyes have stayed lifted. Our vision remains clear. The's first three decades up, also called the Odyssey years. They're part of a journey you can look at as two mountains. First Mountain for the 1st 30 years is about achievement. An acquisition. It's about self expansion and conquest, often and no unusually around age 30. Something happens. It may start with some sort of loss of job health, a family member, and it may feel like we're in a valley that life has taken you down to a different place. Way aren't alone in this valley. In fact, ah, whole society is experiencing it. While we're down in that valley, we have choices. Wait can choose to be broken open in this valley. This place if we stop for a moment and listen here, murmur off our desire in heart. We can feel our yearning soul, that thing inside of us, and it's this heart, and so that renews out in strength, lifts us up and gives us and new perspective. It's our heart and soul that set us to ward the second of Mountain in search of a greater good with more to love and more to give way emerge, ready to make new commitments, give us an identity, a sense of purpose and begin to define our moral character. Choosing and navigating our commitments define our lives success.