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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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So you just left? My sister, Melissa asks her face somewhere between bewildered and irritated. I don't know why she's annoyed. I'm the one who just left my house in the middle of the night with a few things stuffed in a bag and is now in her little sister's kitchen, having to explain what happened for the second time. What else was I supposed to do? There was a ring, a ring he was going to propose with. And what? Then I tell him, Hey, I like you, but not in that way. And, oh, are you insane? You're going to propose to me, the girl who you had to practically force into moving in with you. That's smart. She lets out a peeved sigh and rubs her temples with a slight shake of her head. I know I couldn't believe it, either, I say sarcastically, but my hands are slightly trembling as I stuff one of her homemade biscuits into my mouth. It's sweet and fluffy and tastes like a little piece of heaven in this little version of **** I'm sitting in. Melissa has been cooking since she could reach the stove, and she turned her passion into a lucrative catering business. The taste of these cute little biscuits almost make me forget the screwed up predicament I've landed myself in. I can't believe you, she says with a self righteous huff. You can't believe me, I ask in disbelief. You just left. You didn't talk to him. You didn't explain that. Maybe you weren't ready. You just ran out like a five year old having a tantrum, she asks. Her big green eyes narrowed in on me, Such a contrast from the stark blue eyes that I hate to see staring back at me in the mirror. It wasn't exactly like that, I say defensively, feeling the color drained from my face. No, Matty, that's exactly what it was like because this is what you do. She stands from the table like she's about to declare war. I'm not ready. My voice is shakier than my hands were when holding that ring earlier. It was beautiful