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When you think of baseball, you cannot help but think of Babe Ruth. Born George Herman Ruth. The baby was the most recognizable athlete of his time, he said. Countless records, some of them still unbroken. His career began with the Red Sox, but in 1920 Bay began to play for the New York Yankees. He led the Yankees to seven American League pennants in four World Series titles in 1927 baby hit the highest number of home runs in a season. There's no place on Earth like Hawaii. This crown jewel of the Pacific will ease your troubles and soothe your worries. Its tropical climate friendly locals in beautiful landscapes welcome you as soon as you land. Year round, sunny days in warm, gentle breezes allow you to take in the sights any time of year. Look, cat, I'm all for frag and aliens. But I've had a wonder if we're doing the right thing here. I mean, Sarge said, we're supposed to hold our positions at the rear of the encampment. I'm not so sure we ought to be just waltz and in with guns blazing. You know what I'm saying? Things. Whole operation has been one big cluster since the start. Thanks for listening. I'm Randi Chamberlain