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It started with pencil on paper, a commitment to innovation and the promise of a brand forged from aircraft aluminum fitted with great double walnut and given the poles of inertia. Finally, here I am. Prove yourself. They said. A 6000 rounds during steps later didn't break a sweat. No matter how many times they pulled my trigger, my muscle shouted an answer while turning hard shots into soft recoil. So when the next wave came again, counters click, but I didn't. Doves crumpled, spent whole smoked, but I kept on shining. See that pile over there? Damn right to 20,000 rounds, 11,000 dubs one shotgun. Go on ahead and take your fingers. I'll just be the handsome one over here in the corner, waiting for more. I am whether these new semi automatic shotgun and I am never out of my own