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welcome to the place where people go to learn about their Medicare options before they're on Medicare. Medicare Part B doesn't pay for everything. Only about 80% of your medical costs, but in a AARP Medicare supplemental insurance plan helps cut down on those out of pocket expenses. If you're over 65 planning to retire, find out more. Call UnitedHealthcare. And as for your free decision guide, Long live the courageous, the tenacious ones who fall and get back up. And long live the truck with the strength to overcome, outwork and outlast them all. Long live Ram. Okay, access the situation. You're the mayor and your tongues under attack by a giant erected. At least we're hitting him with all we've got. That didn't work. Maybe I should just call Southwest Airlines, with fares starting at $99 at least maybe I can get some rest on their this'll is Amanda. Amanda lives a clover farms where the cows have names instead of numbers. They're 100% farm. Fresh milk is used to make Hershey's milk chocolate, so next time you have a Hershey's, your chest might wanna thank Amanda Hershey's milk chocolate made simple In a world where dinosaurs roam free one man travels back in time and won't it? Guys, I just want money on a New York lottery. Scratch off recording an epic movie. Oh, sorry. In a world where dinosaurs roam free, one man winds up mobile cancer. The recording both. Yeah, I can't believe it drinks on me.