Ralsei from Deltarune Chapter 1 Demo Sample

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Ralsei from Deltarune Chapter 1 is described as very humble and kind, showing care for the well-being of his friends to the point of selflessness. Although he is gentle and shy, Ralsei isn't any less brave.

Ralsei seems to be a gentle and reasonable person in my head, which influences the voice

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Hello everyone, I'm Ralsei. Kris. Susie. It's ever so wonderful to meet you. I'm certain we're going to become great friends. And yes, that's where we'll... um, I suppose it's just the two of us then Kris. I'm a prince, but I um currently don't have any subjects. I've been waiting alone here. Um, my whole life for you two to arrive. So I'm really happy to meet you. Let's try to find Susie. She must be Southeast. You can lead the way Kris. See that heart, Kris, that's your soul. The culmination of your being within, it holds your will, your compassion and the fate of the world. If it gets hit, you and your friends will lose HP. If everyone's HP reaches zero, we'll lose the battle. So please take care to avoid the enemy's attacks. Ready? Let's try Dodging Great job Kris, you're a natural. anyhow. After the enemy attacks. It's our turn, Chris first. I'll teach you how to fight the fighting is unnecessary in this world. There's no harm in a thorough lesson. Wow, Chris, that was an amazing attack. Have you done this before or something? Ok. Next, let's try defending. Simply defend and the enemy attack with her. Two. Lets, not only that but you'll also gather TP Kris. Um, I don't think, um, this is what you're supposed to be doing. Oh, that's great. Kris. Each enemy has a different a that will satisfy them. Oh, that was fun. You're a wonderful student, Kris. And, er, in case you ever need a refresher, I, here I wrote a manual for you and Susie Press C to open the menu and use it in your items. Oh my, the great door is opened. No wonder Lancer was able to come through Chris. Once we pass through this door, our adventure will really begin a journey foretold exactly by the prophecy. But Kris, I believe your choices are important too. This world is full of all kinds of people, Kris in the end, how we treat them, makes all the difference. So let's try our best to get by without fighting if we can manage to do that. I believe this tale may have a happy ending otherwise I fear that you may not find the result of favor. Oh, I'm sorry. Is that too much to ask, Kris? I knew you were a hero at the moment. I saw you. Let's try our best. All right, Lancer, where's Susie? What did you do? So are you just going to stand there? I thought you would at least run to the right. You made a team purely of support enemies. Their bullet patterns aren't balanced at all. It's like a dinner made out of three glasses of milk. Why don't we talk about this? A great job, Chris, we've earned 0 EXP and 89 Dark Dollars. You lost Lancer. You don't get any. I thought you were running away, Suzie. We were ever so worried about you. Um How did you get past those spikes before? Oh, don't worry, Susie. It'll open after we solve the puzzle over there. Uh Susie, we need you to finish it. Sometimes proceeding will take all three of us. Furthermore, only Chris can seal the dark. So if you don't accompany us, you won't make it back home. Yeah. Who is Susie's back on the team to the fanfare? Um Susie, I suppose you missed what I said earlier as heroes, we have the power to make a peaceful future. So from now on, let's try to avoid fighting. Ok. Um What if you just took it easy on them? If you were to weaken an enemy? I can use my pacify spell. Well, um just think we might have to warn enemies about her Kris.