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no mascot. I'm really wanting more. I'm reading chapter 24. Indian art and culture. India never invaded any country in her last 10,000 years of history. But still there is a vast influence of indian culture abroad. Many small cultures were formed but they were confined to small regions. Indian culture can be known as the forced world culture. Who took indian culture abroad as available sources from the period of the Indus Valley civilization India is in contact with the outside world. The romans wanderers went abroad to Turkey and other far from places via Iran and Iraq. They also went to europe. There they come there, they came to known as Gypsies. Trade activities started with Vietnam Italy and china in pursuit of the same. Many migrated to these countries carrying the legacy of our affluent culture. Ashoka took the effort of sending his son and daughter to Sri Lanka to spread buddhism. In 4th century BC indian traders traveled to countries like Indonesia and cambodia In search of gold Kalinga dynasty established trade relations with sri Lanka visits of various foreign travelers to India and other bombs and missionaries abroad also led to cross cultural exchange across the geographical territories. Prominent ancient ports of India. The naval trade with various countries during the ancient and medieval Maybe I will time played a great role in the spread of indian culture abroad. The detailed account of ports in ancient India can be found from the books steady plus of the C and geography. During the Maori in rule the nobody picture that is superintendent of shipping. Used to look after the shipping administration. The coins of last start knocking. Yeah, Gina, sorry me, contained the figures of ships probably indicating the naval strength of the dynasty. Letters now look at an illustrative list of prominent force in ancient times. Now the table has four columns for his name of support the region then associated dynasty and the time period and the last brief details. So now the sport is local region. Gujarat near President Ahmedabad In this valley civilization. 2400 BC details export of copper harbor, ivory poles, carnelian and gold to support Mr porter mia and timber wood and lapis. Lazuli. Tom sumeria. Now the 2nd 40s by regatta President in Gujarat, 3rd century BC onwards. Major trade center of roman trade under western straps. Western set up spice silk trade with arab countries Plundered twice in 17th century but research quickly import of beat rice. Season some oil, cotton and clock. The party Malabar coast Kerala near present day. Caching 1st Century BC onwards. Jada kingdom mentioned in sangam literature, export of spices. Semiprecious stones like bearing coal diamonds, ivory, chinese silk ganga tick. Speaker and toys shells to Porsche, Rome Greece and Egypt Tamil Nadu. Early Pandya kingdom. Well known. Center of pole fishery and fines mentioned in the Sangam literature. Also known as cavity located at Tamil Nadu at the mouth of the river. Early Chola dynasty. 400 PC. to 280 import of various articles mentioned in she laughed party next day. Poor doc P. O. D. O U. K. E. President Arica mildew near harry 2nd Century BC 8th Century A. D. Greek trading ports to trade with room items of export included gems, poles and spices and silk import of wine was prevalent. Barbaric con near Karachi Pakistan and Kathy in import of linens to pass Frankie since glass, silver and gold plate of wine exports included turquoise, lazuli synthetic skins, cotton cloth, Sylviane and indigo. So I will not go down body but in present Bangladesh for 50 BC Sumerian dynasty, mathematician tollini mentioned in his book geography. Next 40s. My Souljah or Master look at that more chili platinum Andhra Pradesh from third century Bc onwards. During that china's region muslim cloth were traded by ancient Greeks, principal seaport of the Golconda Kingdom from 15th to 17th centuries. Next forties, Tamil lefty located at present day Tamil look west. Bengal mori in dynasty exit point of the korean trade route for the south and southeast rock inscription of Would a mana of 8th century airy contains the last record of the morality as support of ancient south Asia greek geographer. Ptolemy mentioned about in his book geography, chinese pilgrim. Eun Sang calls the town dan. It visited by yuan yuan jiang in 6:39 80. She stayed here for two years. Next vote pollute Holy shell, 2nd Century A. D. Kalinga Dynasty. Place of voyage to southeast Asia and china and trade of pottery. It was mentioned by ptolemy and In the 2nd century, 80 and 7th century early respectively. Mathematics from India to abroad India invented the number system zero was invented by the value of five was first calculated by both high enough. And he also explained the concept of pythagoras, the concept of algebra, geometry and trigonometry also went abroad from India Indians. As early as 5500 BC has devised a system of different symbols For every number from 1 to 9. This notation system was adopted by Arabs who called it the numerals. Moreover, the maritime traders took the decimal system to Arabia. The Arabs acknowledged their date to India by calling mathematics in this art pertaining to India. The concept were later adopted by the western world. From here. From there the binary number system was described by the vedic scholar lingala in his book gender. Her which is the earliest known Sanskrit three ties on but authority. The study of poetic meters and worse. In the third or second century, the fiber Nazi numbers and their sequence force appeared in the indian mathematics, as you mentioned by the lingala. In connection with the script relation of sorry letter on the method for the formation of these numbers were given by mathematician vera, hunka Gopala and hey amber, Kandra. Much before the italian mathematician Fibonacci introduced the fascinating sequence to Western european mathematics, indian science and technology abroad India was actively contributing to the field of science and technology. Centuries long before modern laboratories were set up. Many theories and techniques discovered by the ancient indians have created and strengthened the fundamentals of modern science and technology. Indian scientists. Acharya 15 fifth century contributed to world by rightly calculating the time taken by earth to orbit the sun. Hundreds of years before astronauts Smart before astronauts Smart, his calculation was time taken by earth to orbit the sun. Yes, 365 points 258756 484 days. Connor advised atomic theory centuries before john Donaldson was born, he speculated the existence of our no or a small indestructible particles much like an adam extraction of zinc trump or was known two indians. 4000 years before the British invention, the post seamless celestial globe was made in Kashmir by Ali Kashmiri ivy in look, Man in the region of the Emperor Akbar. Global world got attracted this invention. In the field of metallurgy, ancient indians developed would still which was used to make the famous the words of your that could play a free falling or black or a block of wood with the same ease. It was known by different names such as you hindu bonny and eric. The ancient indians have given the world the idea of the smallest and largest measuring units of time. The smallest is 34,000 of a second karate And the largest is the 4.32 billion years. Maha yoga indians were the first to use And invent buttons, ornamental buttons made from the seashell were used in the Indus Valley civilization. By 2000 BC. Some buttons were called into geometric shapes and had holes years into them. The first iron case rockets that developed in the 1780s by of mice who successively used these rockets against the larger forces of british East India company. During the anglo Mysore wars. Shampoo originated from India. The word shampoo is derived from the hindi word shampoo And dates to 1962. The shampoo itself originated in the eastern region of the mughal empire where it was introduced as ahead of massage, usually consisting of al khali natural oils and fragrances. Shampoo was first introduced by Britain by Bengali entrepreneur from bihar named Sake Dean Mohamed to is the father of surgery. 2600 years ago. He had, he had, he had health scientists. His time conducted complicated surgeries like is that cesareans, cataract artificial lens structure, urinary stones and even plastic surgery and brain surgery. Usage of anesthesia was well known in ancient India. Here we complete page # nine of this file. In the next file, we'll see page number dead. Thank you