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Voice Over • Audiobooks


A few excerpts showing different styles of long-form narration such as audiobooks and documentaries; focusing towards youth and family-related material.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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This is the Story of the Princess and the Pea By Hans Christian Andersen. Once upon a time, there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess, but she would have to be a real princess. He traveled all over the world to find one, but nowhere could you get what he wanted. There were princesses enough, but it was difficult to find out whether they were real ones. There was always something about them that was not as it should be. So he came home again and was sad for he would have liked very much to have a real princess. Mindfulness meditation has long been used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions. Some of these meditations bring you into the present by focusing your attention on a single, repetitive action, such as you're breathing a few repeated words or the flickering light of a candle. Other forms of mindfulness meditation encourage you to follow and then release internal thoughts or sensations. Mindfulness can also be applied to activities such as walking, exercising or eating In 1963 while Disney unveiled the Enchanted Tiki Room, the first use of audio animatronics, nothing park attraction an extension of animation and film. Animated mechanical characters became a staple in Disneyland and other theme parks, with Disney introducing the first animated human character in Great Moments with Mr Lincoln at the 1964 New York Fair. The attraction later moved to Disneyland, where successor place to this day. Also at the New York Fair, Disney introduced It's a Small World, which also moved to Disneyland after the fair, where it stands today, having inspired additional versions at every other Disney theme park resort around the world.