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This particular demo is an excerpt from one of the radio shows I've hosted called Harmonic Health in which I interview world-renowned experts in health and healing. This excerpt is from my interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton.

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And now here's your host of Harmonic Health, Dr Richard Diseno. Hi everybody. Doctor D here. Welcome to Harmonic Health. Exploring a new way of being. My very special guest today is Dr Bruce Lipton as many of you know, and for those of you who don't know, Dr Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in bridging Science and Spirit. Been a guest speaker on dozens of TV and radio shows as well as a keynote presenter for national conferences. He began a scientific career as a cell biologist and then received his PH D degree from the University of Virginia Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in 1973. And from there, it is a historical diatribe. It seems like we're really talking to either someone who's um a multiple personality or that is actually 200 years old. So I'm not gonna go through this list of credentials uh with you folks, but I do want to introduce you to one of the most remarkable people living on the planet today. And my pleasure to introduce Doctor Bruce Lipton Bruce. Welcome