Unedited voice over done for Franklin Templeton

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This video note explains their E.L.S.S. provision to potential customers via an AV & voice over.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Indian (Hinglish) North American (General)


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Franklin Templeton Stack Shield is an analysis equity linked saving scheme, a mutual fund at a tax saving device so we could go beyond mutual fund investors and reach the 3.5 corrode salaried people who invest in tax saving devices. The problem. They were comfortable with old options like B, B, F and life in Children's LSS was jogging to them. Equity links save gabble Ruble group What? How do you invest in something you can't pronounce or understand the learning? Once complex products like unit linked insurance plans and systematic investment plans were explained, they became a part of conversations. As you Libs and sips the categories group the insight in life, people aren't stuck to old options. They habitually asked what else to get more when it comes to shopping, eating, travel. Etcetera are when it comes to their lives pursuing numerous interest simultaneously. The opportunity l sounds very much like e l s e l s s else. You get it. It also means options or more Cool, right? The idea We didn't create advertising. We created a new category name. Heck, we didn't even create it. Just pronounce it differently. Ulises, As else we urged people to look at options to get more out of their tax saving devices and ask what else? The creative execution. We interacted with the youth and made them ask what else? The video asks people what tax saving instruments, the investing. At the end, we introduced our new option, urging them to ask what else? What else are next? Video asks people what benefits do their tax saving instruments offer? We then introduced LSS as a means to get more. What else? These social experiments were run as films on relevant digital media. What else? We observed the distinct behavior off RTG and brought alive how they need to ask what else in their lives what else targeted ads on e retail travel websites, social media and e mailers to urge them to ask what else today attacks saving device? What else? When they were looking for advice, Viva there through search engines, print ads and on financial websites. What else? Nothing else. This was enough to achieve the amazing results we are not allowed to mention in this Avery