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Hey, Coach, I have some breaking news for you. Science has finally come to baseball. Took him long enough rights. Take a look inside the program so I can show you how it works. It all happens in three simple steps. Step one. Start by entering your team. Information structure can help us get better and be more efficient. So weaken doom or design wants leverage. It many Tom. All right, it starts out. Nine Oclock lunch break coffee. Break it. Three. Yeah, but nothing about that. Listen, if we're about done here, I'd like to get in there, because I'll tell you all the chocolate Cristante school first trying to be ugly here, but when the shot is crucial, they go to a three wood. Or even worse, someone not even in your family on iron. They don't even take you out of the bag. Hey, how many holes do they let you out of the bag On the button below, and you'll get immediate access to all 25 games plus the team building bonus report. That's it for now. Thanks again for watching this video. I'll see you on the flip side.