Narration Demos



Showcasing believability, timing and a warm tone. This collage of narration examples also highlights a conversational, good-guy next door feeling.

Vocal Characteristics



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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Alternative medicine is merely a politically correct term for what used to be called quackery. Any medicine that is based on myth, irrationality and deception will eventually be rejected at approximately three PM on july 3rd 18 63 nearly 13,000 confederate soldiers began moving across more than a mile of open ground, heavily defended by Union artillery and infantry. lithium is an amazing element. Not much else can be used for batteries and antidepressants, but it has an unfortunate habit of bursting into flames when exposed to oxygen. Even in water, the world wrote Charles. Darwin Resembles one Great Slaughterhouse, one universal scene of rapacity and injustice. His words invoke the ire and ridicule of the political classes and satirists of his day. A study by Belgian psychologists found that richer people aren't as capable as poor ones of savoring small pleasures, be it a piece of chocolate or the thought of completing a task.