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This is my documentary reel showcasing confident, comforting and trustworthy deliveries, as well as more punchy, vibrant and energised deliveries. I have a naturally bright, fresh, youthful and energised voice, great for commercial and corporate work. I also have an equal ability to diversify with deep, low and sultry tones for narrative, audio books and documentaries. My playing range is from 20's through to 40's with the ability to perform British, American and South African accents.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) South African (General)


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during the dry season in southern Africa, any pool is bound to be a centre off life as thirsty and dusty beasts gather to drink, bathe or wallow. What a waterhole can also be an arena in which any lapse of attention may leave one creature open to attack from another that has come not only to drink but also to feed. The lions must hunt and find food soon, or they will die. Pride follows the herd, hoping to find an opening. The cubs are too young to keep up, and very soon will perish from hunger. Life is tough here on the plains, and survival is far from guaranteed. A simple injury can often spell the end for both predator and prey. In a world off so much rhetoric and so little action. The discovery ofthe real achievement gives us hope that life on this earth may be changed for the better. That if a small group of individuals with some good ideas, a sincere desire to help other people and a lot of hard work can succeed in bringing a community back to life, it may serve as an inspiration for us all to follow in their footsteps. Remember your best friend from childhood? Remember swearing You'd be best friends forever? Well, she just found a lump in her breast. One out of every eight woman will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. With your help, we will change that statistic. So join the fight if not for yourself and for someone you love. Watch out Siri's chronicling the journey of three men searching for the biggest waves in the world through candid interviews with their families and friends. Way Get inside the head of extreme surface, embarking on a rush of a lifetime Surf's up tonight on the Extreme Summer Sports Network.