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you know acetaminophen as Tylenol. What you may not know is that it requires a long journey to reach the store shelf cycling through up to four plants during production. The process often begins at our Chesterfield UK plant, where nitrobenzene is hydrogenated in the presence of self uric acid to create para amino fennel or PAP. It is then shipped to Raleigh, North Carolina, to be transformed from PAP to acetaminophen or a pap. Once created, a pap travels to Greenville, Illinois, where it is converted to calm pap or compressible acetaminophen, a granular powder ready to be pressed into tablets. At our Hobart plant, calm pap is blended with hydrocodone and other ingredients, then pressed into individual doses, where it will provide relief to millions of people suffering from moderate to severe pain and discomfort. In addition to helping relieve pain and discomfort, the products are plants produced also help people stay healthy by providing magnesium chloride and ingredients used to manufacturer nutritional supplements.