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Vocal Animation Reel:
This reel showcases some of my versatility as a singer for Animation and Character Roles. The vocal quality you hear on this demo is the quality you will get when you hire me. Every aspect of this reel, with the exception of the music on a few tracks, I created on my own. Meaning, I didn’t pay a company to record/ edit/ sound design/etc. I had a composer friend compose a majority of the Disney sound-alike tracks, as he has does sound-alike work for Disney. But I did every other aspect of this reel in my home studio. From choosing the script, order-cuts, all the singing, editing, sound design. I had so much fun creating this reel! Thank you for listening!!

Vocal Animation Reel Order: Additional accents, roles, and styles for each character listed after colon :)
1_LovelyDay_Intro (Original Song): Animated Authentic Bubbly Singing Youthful Uplifting Upbeat Smiling Playful Natural Enthusiastic Engaging Genuine Young Adult Playful Girl next door Generation X Generation Y Storyteller Young Adult

2_Do You Wanna Build a Snowman (Adult Anna & Little Anna -Frozen): Teen Child Girl next door Kid Teenager Child Kid next door Generation Y Authentic Believable Cartoon Brave Singing Worried Timid Thoughtful Sweet Sincere Shy Serious Sad Caring Comforting Cute High energy Engaging Genuine Excited Endearing

3_Bubble Guppies (Holiday Ride): Child Characters Kid Child Kid next door Rock star Playful Animated Authentic Believable Bubbly Cartoon Singing Upbeat Quirky Playful Holiday Enthusiastic Confident Girly/girlish Cute High energy Happy Engaging Energetic Friendly Genuine Excited

4_North Star (Peppa Pig): British Child Kid next door Impressions Kid Animated Authentic Believable Attentive Cartoon Singing Witty Sweet Quirky Playful Perky Humorous Lyrical Confident Cute Easygoing Engaging Funny Genuine Endearing

5_Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Simbas Mom-Lion King): Young Adult Mother Characters Generation X Animated Authentic Believable Attentive Cartoon Singing Warm Uplifting Thoughtful Sweet Strong Sincere Natural Enchanting Caring Engaging Dynamic Genuine Endearing

6_Do Something (Betty Boop): Young Adult Vixen Generation X Generation Y Playful Animated Attitude Authentic Believable Bubbly Bossy Cartoon Singing Uptight Upbeat Strong Sassy Saucy Confident High energy Engaging Genuine US New York New Jersey Bronx, Brooklyn Flirty

7_The Witch (Stay With Me): Wicked witch Villain Mother Evil queen Generation X Misunderstood Villain Aggressive Authentic Authoritative Believable Bold Brooding Singing Thoughtful Strong Sad Persuasive Nurturing Passive aggressive Intimidating Commanding Deep Engaging Dynamic Genuine Evil

8_Fixer Upper (Frozen): Child Annoying kid Child Nerd Kid Playful Animated Amusing Attitude Authentic Believable Awkward Cartoon Singing Witty Upbeat Snarky Sarcastic Quirky Aggressive Mischievous Know it all Humorous Cute Engaging Energetic Funny Genuine

9_So This Is Love (Cinderella): Young Adult Starlet Generation Y Authentic Believable Cartoon Singing Whimsical Warm Uplifting Thoughtful Sweet Smiling Romantic Enchanting Happy Engaging Genuine

10_Poor Unfortunate Soul (Ursula, The Little Mermaid): Middle Aged wicked witch Villain Evil Witch Generation X Monster Aggressive Angry Authentic Authoritative Believable Bold Cartoon Brooding Singing Villainous Strong Raspy Persuasive Moody Intimidating Confident Cynical High energy Engaging Energetic Dynamic Genuine

11_Cabbage Patch Dreams (Cabbage Patch Kids): Child Kid next door Girl next door Authentic Believable Cartoon Singing Worried Timid Thoughtful Sweet Sincere Sad Concerned Confused Cute Engaging Genuine Endearing

12_You’ll Be In My Heart (Tarzan’s Mom- Tarzan): Mother Generation X Authentic Authoritative Believable Attentive Cartoon Brave Calm Calming Trustworthy Singing Warm Thoughtful Sympathetic Sweet Soothing Sincere Reassuring Nurturing Natural Mature Caring Comforting Deep Engaging Genuine Endearing

13_Wart Hog (Lion King): Buddy Characters Generation X Playful Animated Attitude Authentic Believable Awkward Bold Cartoon Singing Witty Quirky Proud Melodramatic Humorous Engaging Energetic Funny Genuine

14_Happy Birthday (Original arrangement): Young Adult Generation X Generation Y Flirty Playful Authentic Believable Velvety Singing Warm Uplifting Thoughtful Sultry Smooth Sincere Happy Engaging Genuine

15_Aladdin Chorus Girls (Aladdin): Young Adult Characters Generation Y Playful Animated Attitude Authentic Believable Bubbly Cartoon Singing Upbeat Snarky Sassy Saucy Quirky Playful Humorous Confident High energy Engaging Energetic

16_Chloe's Closet Theme Song, (Chloe's Closet-Sprout Network): Australian Child Characters Playful Authentic Believable Bubbly Cartoon Singing Uplifting Upbeat Quirky Playful Exaggerated Enthusiastic Cute Happy Engaging Friendly Genuine Excited Endearing

17_Lovely Day_Tag (Original song): Young Adult Mother Generation X Generation Y Playful Authentic Believable Bubbly Singing Youthful Uplifting Upbeat Playful Cute High energy Happy Engaging Energetic Genuine Endearing

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lovely day, Elsa. Police. I know you're in there. We used to be best bodies People are asking where you've been And now we're not way Do you want build a snowman? No North Star Are you near a Are you far? Can we get there Enough car He's holding back He's hiding But I can't b king So dumb Dio stay with me is star Stay a while You can be way through Like a lot of blabber They think a girl who got I'm gaming someday my son one way me way Oh, my cabbage dreams will come true Come Stop your crying It will be all right Just take my hand Hold tight they Theo Chloe's class tickets costing today in Chloe's way Could be my maid Deep sea divers, Bad dances racing car driver Lovely day