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Cartoon_Boy Characters
Mo Rock (Nerdy nervous boy): Child Characters School boy Nerd, Buddy Kid next door Kid Geek Animated Youthful Worried Authentic Believable Cartoon Sincere Genuine Endearing Panicky Quirky Uncomfortable Cute Funny Geeky Nerdy

Babe (Babe the pig): Child , Characters , Buddy , Boy next door , Kid next door , Kid , Animated , Youthful , Warm , Authentic , Believable , Cartoon , Laid back , Sincere , Smiling , Engaging , Genuine , Caring , Endearing , Understated , Timid , Thoughtful , Easygoing , Cute , Natural

Crush (Finding Nemo): Australian Teen Surfer dude Dude Character Generation X Father Animated Authentic Believable Cartoon Concerned Friendly Storyteller Smiling Dynamic Excitable Engaging Enthusiastic Genuine Spacey Easygoing Funny

Boy Bully (Character I wrote): Teen Characters Urban Youth Thug School boy Brat Heckler Jerk Animated Youthful Aggressive Angry Antagonistic Authentic Believable Cartoon Dynamic Enthusiastic Genuine Stupid Tough Funny Inmature

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Voice Age

Child (5-12)


Australian North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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nervous. I'm not nervous. Why would I be nervous? Just because this band is my life. It's our first life cake. And the whole school is out there. And if we rock, they're gonna love us. But if we sink, they're gonna hate us. And then off to sit. If it in her table at lunch. Beautifully done. I can tell you how grateful I am. Deal, dude. Focused, dude. Oh, he lives. Todo o saw the whole thing. I want to know what garbage feels like.