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Created to showcase my range in the K-12 (Junior) eLearning genre for younger learners who need bright and colourful narration to keep them engage.

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What is a noun, noun are all the words that we use for people, places or things? Let's look at announce for people. Your name is a noun and identifies who you are. When they arrived at the Caravan Park, Goldie would get grumpier. Her brother's always made new friends faster than her and would never let her play basketball with them. It's not our fault. You're too short, they would say. We used the word digit to talk about any number from 0 to 9. Numbers can be made up of one digit, two digits or many digits. Each digit in the number has something called a place value. Dinosaurs were some of the biggest creatures to have ever lived, and they ruled the Earth for over 150 million years. We know that dinosaurs lived a long time ago, but how long ago was it? It was so long ago that humans didn't even exist