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Have you ever heard of micro hydro power? In this next lesson, we are going to learn that waves are not only great for surfing and swimming in, but they are also a great source of kinetic energy. We're going to look at the definition of a micro hydropower system, its basic components determining a suitable location and their advantages and disadvantages. Procedures, breakdown, classroom expectations and rules into teachable steps. When these procedures are taught and reinforced over time, routines are established. Routines are beneficial because they are repetitive and help students learn patterns of behaviour for class activities, they simplify the environment and inform students of what to do and how to do it. Yeah, hi. So I bought a new mobile a few months ago, and the guy I spoke to said it came with something called Premium Support Service at no extra cost. But today, when I got my bill, I see a charge for this service, which I didn't think was going to cost me anything. You can book your regular desk for yourself a colleague and or a visitor, or book a meeting room from the at my office home screen in two ways one select desk booking or room booking from the drop down menu, or to click the new bookings button. You can refine your search to find an available desk or room, for example, by selecting the building, the level and the date. If you fail to correctly fill out a transport JCA, there can be very real consequences. Always assess the work site. Before you start work, you need to ensure that any hazards are controlled. Make sure you're prepared for the circumstances of the site you're visiting, including extreme weather conditions. Always check for overhead obstructions such as trees, warnings or power lines. If you load or unload anywhere that is not a code site, always complete a transport Agassa.