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Selections from three books: Little Men by Louisa May Alcott (children's lit), How to Clone a Mammoth by Beth Shapiro (scientific), and In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce (YA Fantasy)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Samantha Bike Audiobook Demo. This Is from Little Men by Louisa May Alcott. Nats Favorite amusements were working in his garden and sitting in the willow tree with his violin. For that green nest was a fairy world to him, and there he loved to perch, making music like a happy bird. The lads called him old chirp er, because he was always humming, whistling or fiddling, and they often stopped a minute in their work or play to listen to the soft tones of the violin, which seemed to lead a little orchestra of summer sounds. The birds appeared to regard him as one of themselves and fearlessly sat on the fence or lit among the bows to watch him with their quick, bright eyes. The robins, in their apple tree nearby, evidently considered him a friend for the father. Bird hunted insects close beside him, and the little mother brooded as confiding Lee over her blue eggs, as if the boy was only a new sort of blackbird who cheered her patient watch with his song. The brown brook babbled and sparkled below him. The bees haunted the clover fields on either side. Friendly faces peeped at him as they passed the old house stretched its wide wings hospitable toward him and with a blessed sense of arrest and love and happiness, not dreamed for hours in his nook unconscious what healthful miracles were being wrought upon him. This is from how to clone a mammoth by Beth Shapiro. The ideal candidate for de extinction has both sufficiently closely related living relatives to make its de extinction feasible and unique traits or adaptations to a particular habitat. The golden toad, for example, was last seen in the cloud forests of Costa Rica in 1989. It was such a peculiar bright orange color that J. Savage, the herpetologist who described it, had trouble believing it was riel and not some trick. The golden toad was tiny adult males, measured a bit more than five centimeters in length and is a good candidate for de extinction. It belongs to the genus boo foe, which is species rich and diverse and therefore has many close relatives that are not extinct. However, among its many close relatives, the golden toad was the only buffo to display such a striking orange color. What if the proteins that made the orange color had some undiscovered medical purpose or psychoactive properties. We'll never know until somebody licks one, and for that we'll have to bring it back. This is from In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamura Pierce. Alana drew a deep breath. I'm a girl, she said bluntly. My my real name is Alana. I come from true Bond, and Lord Tom really is my twin brother. Gary drew his horse up, abruptly staring at her. That's not funny. Alana drew her gaze off the back of moonlights neck, where she had fixed it off course. It's not funny. It's the truth. Wear your breasts, he demanded. Ah, lot of blushed. I bind them flat with a special course it I wear. But when you bathe, none of us have ever seen you bathe or swim, for that matter. That's right. Gary tugged his mustache deep in thought. Who else knows? He asked softly. Alana swallowed hard. He didn't seem to be angry. Jonathan, George and Mistress Cooper Karam, my brother Tom, the healing woman. After Bond faithful, she petted the cat, writing in his special cup on Moonlight Side. For several long moments, she could only hear the birds and the forest animals around them. Gary's face was unreadable. But knowing him, as she did, she guessed he was putting together all the odds and ends that had puzzled him about her through the years. Suddenly, a broad smile broke across Carey's face and his eyes crinkled up with merriment. Oh, I can't wait to see their faces, he woop as he burst into laughter. Anyone in particular, Alana wanted to know. Puzzled by his amusement, Jonathan had said Gary would react this way, but it hadn't seemed possible to her. Everyone, the night gasped, wiping his face, just everyone.