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short sample of a ad i did that was fun.

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I was at the office on my birthday. I love birthdays. I'm like the queen of birthdays and it's the one day of the year. It can be all about you and I love making people feel special in those days. If it's someone's birthday in my office, I go all out. I go to party city, I get hats, I get streamers that by all the balloons. Trust me, if it's your birthday, you'll be sure that everyone knows it well. So then it's my birthday and I guess I had the expectation then. I mean I expected that someone would take over my job for my own birthday. I walked in all excited and ready to see my office decorated. I was the first one. There, not a balloon. Okay. Okay. So then I waited for the surprise. Oh, I felt so stupid. I waited all day for a surprise or something. One balloon and nothing. Nobody said a word. I mean we were preparing for a case, so I get it. Everyone was busy and it's true that my birthday should be the last thing on anyone's mind when we have clients waiting for us. But still, I felt so sad. My friend took me out in that evening and it was fine. But I still felt so betrayed by my colleagues. Like I've been over there loving on them and they can't even reciprocate a little like one balloon. So I guess I guess my expectation is that I would do what I do, but that's not them. That's me. I'm the queen of birthday. Nobody else. So maybe I made myself sad then. I don't know. But I do know that next year I'm putting my birthday in everyone's calendar put in by streamers for marla on the day before and that's not an expectation. It's an assignment.