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This is a low fidelity Chapter sample from \"The Adventure of Chee and Dae in Oman\" written by Saniya Chughtai. It depicts a child-friendly narration, original character voices and a custom production soundscape.

Music credits: John Patrick McKenna, Detlev Jöcker and Endlich schlafen

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Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Hello, My name is Scotty Newlands, and this is the Adventure of Cheese and Day in Oman by Sanya Choate. Music by John Patrick McKenna, Detlev Yorker and and Licks Lavin. Chapter one. The Howard Cave. She was a bright little chimpanzee, born in a mystical land full of great places and stories. He was a very curious chimp and at times got into a lot of trouble. Because of it, However, he was always very helpful and caring. Even when he was acting naughty, G could never hurt anyone's feelings and always made sure he cleaned up whatever mess he made. Usually he was getting into trouble because of his curiosity and was running out of places to hide away. When he had to be punished. He found one such place on Lee by accident. And oh, what a beautiful, magical place it waas where all of his dreams came true. More importantly, that is also where he met day, a beautiful dolphin who dropped like a pure tear drop from the sky. Let me explain how it all started. She was in the field playing football with his friends. He was more of a kangaroo than a monkey you would see him literally bouncing in, springing high in the field to catch the ball. What a funny sight to see as he was small compared to the rest of the chips. He was so busy in the game that he would sometimes forget about the world, and that's exactly what happened to him again. He went into a daydream, and when the first drop of rain hit him on the head, he realized that he was alone in the field and everyone had gone home. Oh, no, Mom's gonna be so worried. I've got to run back home, he thought to himself. He picked up his gear and started to run towards home. It was getting very dark, and he had a long way to go. He started to run faster. I'm in trouble already. Must run faster, faster. He was thinking about faster, he said, again with cheeky grin. Thisted time because he loved running on the wind. Drizzle on his face was so much fun. As soon as the words were uttered, his foot slipped. He had been running near a small clip, and as the wrist hedge on the edge of the path, he was running on. He didn't see the small opening soil around. It was very slow as it had been raining down. He went. He flung his arms wildly in the air to grab it. Anything to stop this fall. But everything was just so wet and slippery, so down he rolled, hit what looked like a muddy slide through a long, dark tunnel. He slid down. It seemed like a very long time for him. Before he finally landed on something big and soft, he looked down and sniffed at it. You that Mosses soft and squishy. Thank goodness I could have been hurt very badly, he said with a sigh of relief. He brushed off the muck on him and check to see if anything was broken. Apart from a few deep scratches in his hands from trying to grab branches during his fall, he seemed to be all right, But some of the cuts were deep. I need to get these wounds clean, he muttered to himself. Otherwise they might get infected. He looked around the place to see where he waas. It seemed like a cave surrounded by old trees. It had gotten dark now, but the stars were shining brightly against a full moon and a star sparkle close to it. As his eyes adjusted, he saw through the branches that there was water outside. He could smell salty, see and hear the soft waves. Perfect. I can watch my wounded hands in the salt water, she whispered as he ran towards the water. He took a few steps towards the water and stopped. Wow! Wow, What a beautiful place! It waas magical. The moon was reflecting off the surface of the water, and each wave softly moved to disappear into a white, sandy beach. It looked like a little estuary hidden away from the world. There were lots of trees close by and the moonlight reflected against the rocks and stones on the shore. He had never seen such a natural beauty before. It was magical. He stood there for a few minutes, taking it all in, he said to himself, his grin getting wider. He looked in awe at the beauty in front of him. He had such a sense of peace and calm here I feel so happy and content here. It must be magical. Must be. He looked down at the white sand and suddenly realised a blood drop from his wounds had fallen on the white beach. Better get this clean. First he skipped to the water and gently put his hand. Did it? The water was beautifully warm, and he couldn't resist a few minutes to himself. Gone was any thought about his mom and home. He kicked off his whip football shoes and dug his feet into the wet sand. It felt like Have it. He wasn't sure how long he had been sitting there when a soft ripple in the water nearby startled him. He jumped up in, strained his eyes towards the middle of the estuary to see what had made the noise. At first he couldn't see anything, But then he saw long shape just below the surface, trying its best to hide from him. It looks so huge and scary. She stood frozen with big, scared eyes, looking at the shadow creature in the water. Suddenly, the large shadow jumped out, landed in a big splash near G, screamed in and closed, his eyes tight shut. When he heard giggles, he slowly opened his eyes. There was a pair of big, smiling eyes with laughter in them staring right at him above the water. He heard a squeak through. The eyes disappeared under the water justice. Suddenly the creature again jumped out of the water and landed with a big splash in the water near Key. He stood there, drenched and still in shock at what he was seen. The creature stared G in the eye, whistled loudly and said in a very sing song, Sweet voice. Hey, you are in my secret place. Cheap muttered, um Creature giggled Booth. She jumped, sending the creature into more fits of laughter. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I got startled when I saw you. It fizzed. He is cheap muttered, Yes, he's You're standing on it. This secret place of mine I call it fits. I thought no one knew off it. I come here often to relax and get away from the world. Oh, sorry. I was running to reach home when I slipped and found myself here. It is a magical place. Yes, she said, and jumped out of the water. Splash water on ci again. Hey, she said, Stop it! The creature giggled again and looked at Chee with a naughty look. Sorry e. I couldn't help myself. You are not sorry. It hahaha! She said, shaking the water off him. But he couldn't help smiling, too. There was a beautiful rock close to the beach, and the creature leaned on it. It was then that she realized that it was a dolphin. He had never seen a real one before. He couldn't help but like her, she had such a beautiful, smiling and kind face. She reached out her fin and said, Hi Hi M Day. She looked at the fin and cautiously moved in closer to put his hand in the fin. Hi, I am G G. That's a very funny name. Day smiled. Is it short for something? No, she said, smiling sheepishly. Well, my mom thought I looked like a G when I was born. She laughed heartily. I like your name. It has a nice, beautiful ring to it. Day Does that need anything? She asked. Yes, it means freedom in the magical world. Giggle Day and splashed water over Ci again jumped. Okay, sorry again, Day said with a shy, grim. Tell me, Chee, you just appeared through the cave. I don't remember it having an entrance How did you get there? Day asked. Swimming closer to the shore, trying to see into the case, She walked closer to the cave and moved a large branch to show a hole in the bag to cave. There's a natural mudslide in here that I sleep down through. I think it might be a blow hole made by the sea. Wow, that slide sounds like a lot of fun. Where does it start? Day asked. There's a patch near the football pitch hidden under the old Mulberry bush. I slipped today and skidded right on top of it. The rain must have made the opening of the ground. I went straight through. It landed here inside the cave, she said. The Howard came. Day smiled. Hala came, she said curiously, yes. How means wind in many languages? If you stay still and listen intently, you will hear the wind sing. Sometimes you can even hear the messages. Other winds bring days. Eyes lit up. Wow! She jumped off the rock and ran towards the how a cave plopped on the large boulder and tilted his head, trying to hear the hollow. I can't hear anything, muttered G Day said close your eyes and don't move. Listen not entirely sure what day was saying. He just obeyed and let the worldly noises disappear so he could hear day's precious winds. One minute passed and then another. Suddenly he heard it. Gentle swish. The air seem to come from the walls of the cave, as if they were made up of millions of holes. It's swished out, circled around cheese. He was frightened, yet excited. At the same time, he gently opened his eyes to see a trail of soft blue mists circling around him. It was like a 1,000,000 tiny, glowing blue particles. It was purely magical. Day, watched with a huge smile. It's cheese eyes like fascination. Theme Blue wind has now spread all around the cave. Suddenly, it whispered gently into cheesier and vanished. She stood there, bewildered, looking around the cave blue. Magical wind was gone and the cave fell into pin drop. Silence screamed, jumping up and down. She was still trying to understand what and now Day was jumping in and out of the water, splashing all over cheese. What's going on? Tell me, she said, shaking the water off him again, thinking to himself that he must wear a wetsuit next time around day. Although for some reason he was beginning to enjoy her silly antics. The CPI train is the most wonderful, right? You will ever go on. It's getting dark now and you'd better go home. Come back tomorrow. And I promised to bring you on the CPI train. Smiled Day. Thanks for listening to Chapter one of the adventure of G and Day in Oman. Stay tuned for the rest of this exciting story. I'm Scotty. Newlands. Goodbye.