Sample Audio Book (Excerpt from \"The Owner\" by Shane Simpson)

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This is a sample of Shane Simpson's suspense thriller \"The Owner\". It includes basic audio and sound effects to emphasize specific character colourization.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
call Elizabeth now call Riemann sparked his loud voice, animated arms and red face Ron full display. The other drivers around him were laughing and pointing at the site of a wealthy man in an expensive car stuck in traffic from he was just like them in a sexy, womanly voice. The 9 11 turbo s responded. I am sorry, Mr Remains. I do not have a number for Elizabeth. Now. Would you like to add a number to my directory? Already in a rage, the cars mistake sent him into the stratosphere. Pounding the steering wheel with both hands. He screamed. Call Elizabeth! The womanly voice replied, One moment, Mr Remains. Elizabeth heard the phone. It was one of three. Station found her desk. The mobile phone featured a unique ring tone. It was the leash her master used to keep her constantly under control. It was a line dedicated exclusively to call remains. She grabbed the phone, careful to hold it away from her ear. Pressing the except call icon. She timidly answered, Yes, Mr Remains. Damn it, Elizabeth! Why is this idiotic? Are always making mistakes, dialing phone numbers. Didn't I tell you to get it fixed? How can I spend $200,000 still have a stupid car? It's more stupid than all the people around me on the road today. Why didn't you warn me about this traffic jam? Everyone is so incompetent. Elizabeth kept trying to interject, but it was futile. Re Mons was furious to those working for him. This was nothing unusual. He seemed to possess an endless supply of anger and hatred. His subordinates were always on edge and awaiting the next unprovoked attack. At the moment remains. Anger was directed in a traffic jam on the freeway. It was the morning rush hour. All north bound lanes of Interstate five were stopped. Remains was 10 miles from his downtown San Francisco office. Usually, he commuted via helicopter. He lived on a multi acre Monterey estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Today, he had opted to drive. He had a new Porsche. The car generated 560 horsepower and could reach a top speed of 197 MPH. Elizabeth rarely received a pleasant phone call from Carl Remains. The reason for him calling were mostly unpredictable. He called any time he wished day or night his problem, maybe something simple and easy for her to resolve. On the other hand, it could be something not so simple. Like today. Remains finally paused. A split second. Elizabeth was able to get out a sentence, she said. There was a three car accident two miles ahead of you. A toddler was thrown from one vehicle and died, although seemingly impossible remains went more ballistic. What the **** is out of to do with May? I don't know that, baby. I'm not in the wreck. Get me out of this traffic jam. Now people die. Every she tried interrupting, sir. Riemann screamed. Don't you ever interrupt me! Then he continued ranting. This car was not designed for sitting idle in a traffic jam with many fans, electric cars and work trucks. I don't want to be here. You do something right now. Elizabeth, are you listening? Elizabeth Williams did not deserve this treatment. No one did. Nevertheless, she had tolerated the abuse for eight years. Her title was executive assistant to Mr Carl remains Chairman of remains global. The job only sounded fancy because of its title. It was not In reality, she was only one of his slaves and always available to tolerate his daily abuse. Money was not the reason she stayed at Raymond's Global, although he paid her two times the going rate of any other employer. She stayed because she could not leave. No one voluntarily left remains global. Re Mons was vindictive. He was a malicious. He didn't care what was harmed in his relentless pursuits of more power, more money and more possessions where she to quit Elizabeth life and that of her family would be destroyed. Elizabeth remains bellowed. I'm sorry, sir, Elizabeth replied, Sir, Hear me? This was one of her favorite ways to shut him up the bad connection act, Riemann said. Your phone is breaking up dead. It fixed. Get me out of this problem. Elizabeth had already found a solution regardless of how stupid it sounded. In a soothing voice, she said, Mr Remains, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I will fix this. I've texted your location to our helicopter pilot. He will bring a mechanic. The mechanic will stay with your car. That mechanical Elizabeth agreements interrupted. I don't want a mechanic in my car. This is a $200,000 racing machine. It's a precision instrument. It isn't some broken down old truck. Get the hangar manager to ride with the pilot. Hey, could drive my car to the office and tell him to put on clean clothes before he gets here. Then he added, I want them here in 10 minutes or everyone is fired. Is that understood? Yes, Mr Remains, Elizabeth replied. I just sent the message 10 minutes or fired. She looked at the call, ended message on her phone, she said aloud, Thank you.