I am passionate about voiceover work. I have graciously received training from veteran voice over artists, such as Don Morrow and William Williams, and I have had the honor for them to admit that I got “the pipes” for doing voiceovers.

I’ve been known to offer the following sounds and attitudes: Deep, baritone, African-American, warm, relaxed, friendly, late night DJ, smooth jazz radio, soul radio, R&B radio, superhero, sinister, villain, news anchor/newsy, gravitas, professional, powerful, suspenseful, and booming.

I’ve been known to style my voice as some well-known voices, including James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Isaiah Mustafa (The Old Spice Guy), Tom Brokaw, among others. I also enjoy doing the “classic” announcer voices, such as Fred Facey, or Charlie O’Donnell.

I am open to many different projects, including, but not limited to, movie trailers, commercials, promos, station identification, radio imaging, television, internet, presentations, among others. Feel free to contact me to discuss your next voiceover project!

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