Jamaican family fiction



Jamaican family fiction with an insistent mother, a refined daughter and a sense of fun.

keywords: aggressive, animated, attitude, authoritative, believable, bold, concerned, serious, straightforward, mother,

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Caribbean (General) Jamaican (Patois) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Cuprija need McAllister. You listen here. To me it the lyrical, disembodied, Jamaican accented voice asked through the telephone speaker. Um, yes, Mommy. Capri distractedly answered while curling the chocolate brown mascara over her long abundance of feathery, light colored eyelashes. Baby, you not answer your mother. You not hear me. The rich, smooth and all too knowing Jamaican voice came again this month. He no good for you. You're not Be foolish and take you be in love Now it he has no honor. This one. Yeah. Listen, ear to your murder. This white boy Not good. You feel me? Yeah. You understand me, Mommy? She wind lightly brushing the blush over her high, angular cheekbones. His family is very honorable. The Brockington Zara. Very old Boston family. The fact he's white has nothing to do with it. Besides Danny's white. What difference does Alexis skin color make?