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My reads bring a fresh, natural, believable and warm delivery to corporate, technical, medical and consumer-facing content. This :60 montage includes actual work, featuring a Shutterstock promotional video, fast paced mobile technology year in review, smart phone promotional piece, YesVideo marketing, and a `feel good` video for a luxury hotel management group.

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Let's talk about the power of video. If you link to a video in an email, there's a 96% greater chance the recipient will cook through rather than ignoring it or sending it to the trash. Or how about this that when someone looks you up online, they're more likely to click a video link than a text like Here's a quick look at the state of mobile technology in the year 2013. This is your bubble year in review. Of course, there's all the normal stuff you'd expect on your phone, but now it's got amazing cinematic visuals, H. D. C s Friends, String and the best part. It's still small enough to fit right here. Your first wedding kiss. Start of a new chapter in life. Things you Loved as a child. Yes, video brings generations of timeless moments from vintage videotapes and film reels back to life. You know, when you found the right partner, we are period hotel. Let's talk