Italian Accent, Saks 5th Ave Commercial - Shelley Baldiga

Radio Ad


Italian accent in actual Radio commercial airing in New York for Saks 5th Avenue Fur Salon. I play an Italian designer promoting the Furs at Saks.

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when you come to the Saks Fifth Avenue first Salon, Here's what you look for. First go lightwave. Don't just glance about tried on because the latter is a feather. Now, really look at the details. See intricate brocade crystal embellishment, silk Sharma's lining. That's what makes it for and you must know your fashion. The sax first salon has so much from the runway I remember at Milan Fashion Week. Fendi, showing these stunning collages of For and then miss only had this candy colored bite on over gold this season was very exotic. Russian stables in Laser Kochan. Sheila's in all these different influences. Finally, you don't have to go full length. The sacks for Salon. Just look at the magazines. It's first carbs and stools or something carefree like for poncho or cape. Be open to sheik and difference, and you'll find something beautiful. It it's Saks Fifth Avenue for Salon offers label to show country of origin