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Oh, you have your blanket! Snickered A little giggle. I would love to borrow it. One day. Of course max replied. It's my cupcake blanket and it goes with me everywhere I go when I close my eyes. I wish for my favorite yummy ist cupcake. Then, when I opened my eyes, the blanket reminds me of its sweet, delicious taste. It's so much fun max, then frowned and crossed his arms. But first I have to eat all of my vegetables, he said, oh, you do, snickerdoodle asked, disappointed. Yes, I make sure I eat all my vegetables. Even broccoli max replied, broccoli, yuck! Said snickerdoodle, but max just smiled. I love my broccoli and I love my spinach. It is yummy to my tummy and it will help me grow up to be a big boy. Snickerdoodles, eyes lit up before saying, wow, I want to grow up to be a big girl too, I want some vegetables in my belly, all yummy in my tummy. If I eat my vegetables, can I borrow your cupcake blanket? She asked. Yes max nodded, I'll just ask my mommy first. So they skipped back to max's home. When they arrived home max asked his mother if snickerdoodle could stay for dinner. His mother gave him a big smile and replied, sure, of course she can, but does snickerdoodle know the rules max nodded his head. We must finish our fruit and vegetables before we begin eating any cupcakes, No problem, declared Mrs buttercream, Thank you! Shouted the kids together. We can't wait then max and snickerdoodle raced to their seats around the dining table. Steam rose from the vegetables as mrs buttercream put them on the table. But even as they ate them all. Macs and Snickerdoodle could think about were cupcakes, they talked about their favorite decorations and their favorite colors. Was it blue or pink or yellow or orange? Snickerdoodle got more and more excited about her cupcake dessert and then borrowing max's magical cupcake blanket. When Snickerdoodle finished, her plate was clean and every vegetable was gone. Very good. Snickerdoodle said Mrs buttercream, you've done so well. I'll let your mom know you ate all of your vegetables and deserved a cupcake. Have you decided what color and flavor you would like? Snickerdoodle had put a lot of thought into it and had finally made up her mind. Yes, I have, she declared, could I please have the one with pink icing and may I borrow max's cupcakes blanket, he said I could if I ate all my vegetables of course, said Mrs buttercream, just remember it's very special to him. The next day, Snickerdoodle went to school hugging max's cupcakes blanket. She was so happy. But max was feeling a little sad max went everywhere with his special cupcake blanket, but he had to keep his promise. He trusted that Snickerdoodle would take good care of it, no matter what she knew how important the cupcake blanket was to max at lunchtime. All the kids race down to the playground to play. Snickerdoodle put the cupcake blanket down on a rock so she could use the slippery dip. It was so much fun raising her friends to the bottom. Then she used the swing and climbed the ropes. Lunchtime was always the best time of the day. But just before the bell rang, Snickerdoodle realized something terrible had happened, Max's blanket was gone. It was no longer on the rock. Where did it go? She asked as she began to worry it was next to her the entire time she was playing, but now she couldn't find it anywhere. The blanket was missing.