Middle Grade Fantasy

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Eva and I are pretty much useless and still sobbing uncontrollably. Plus, not to mention feeling extremely guilty if she's feeling anything like I am at the moment, which I just know she must be if it weren't for me going in to try and rescue her without guidance and help. Noah wouldn't be in this position. This is all my fault. The unicorn. I hear a whisper and see a floating angel in the sky. It's jesse lee. That's right. I sprang over to them Stella. She can do it. She can heal him. Angelica, a laura. Remember remember when I was dying from the poison that night I ingested from the evil witch. The magical dust from her horn saved me. Yes, that's right. Laura ads Stella. Where is she abruptly? A pure white, beautiful unicorn with flowing, rainbow colored hair blowing in the wind races toward us over the castle's bridge and mode. She's off in the distance and more marvelous than ever. She reaches us as fast as the shooting star that she is. She neighs loudly, Stella Stella, We need. You. Look, I point down at Noah's emotionless hurt body. This upsets Stella and she throws her front legs and hooves in the air neighing louder than I've ever heard her. I know how fond of Noah! She's grown, especially over the years. More time they spent together when I wasn't around. I know girl. I know I try and caress her to calm her down. America and the twins are just staring at me cowering over for the first time not being there frisky, exuberant selves. I can tell by the look on their faces. They feel bad. They don't know what to say or do. None of us really do. This may be our only solution for now. Stella kneel down please. Enzo pleads with her. She does as she's told, she hovers over noah, tilting her head and horn over his body. Enzo takes one of his sharp arrows out from around his shoulder and start scraping Stella's horn as hard as he can, stellar moans and groans. I kneeled down next to Stella, hugging her tight. It's okay girl, I know. Be brave for Noah! Apparently this is the worst pain for a unicorn. Their horn is so sacred and sensitive it begins to spill out from her horn. The dust glitters and sparkles until it falls and covers his peach colored body. It removes the curse of bondage around his hand and it heals up all the wounds on his body. However, he's still not waking up completely Stella's energy level becomes depleted and she's breathing heavily. She continues to kneel, allowing all the dust from her horn to flow. Long breaths. Woof out from her nostrils. Good girl, Stella, you're such a good sweet girl. I kiss her silky cheek. Why isn't he waking up? I glower at angelica and laura Angelica strokes my face, shrugging her shoulders. I'm not sure, sweetheart, she brushes my chin. Hopefully he will soon. His wounds are all healed up now so he should soon, laura closes her eyes tight. Let me see if I can get a vision of what's happening with him. There's a moment of silence among us all. If someone dropped a nickel, I think it would echo through the still of the current, starry night in a tree eerie world. I see. She opens her eyes and glares at me with a frown. What is it? I tug on a laura's arm.