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Narrating a book in American English which also includes Ethnic character names.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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I was feeding shoddy. I heard the door slam, but I didn't pay any attention until I saw Shahab covered in mud and slime holding our ash's hand? I screamed, Oh my God! What happened to you? Didn't I tell you not to get your clothes dirty? A rash angry and on the verge of tears told me the whole story. I could feel the blood rushing to my head. With every word I was shaking all over. I picked shoddy up, grab shops hand and without any attention to what I was wearing, walked towards Joseon and fat in his house. I let go of shops hand. Once we got there and press the doorbell until they opened the door. As soon as it opened I pulled shops, hand again, crossed the garden, walked into the hall and came face to face with Fatima, who was rushing towards me, worried Ho Zane Shaheen and flourished and Hofstra were in front of the tv. There was a tea tray on the coffee table finished and ran forward and took shoddy from my arms. I took no heed of her. It was as if I couldn't see anyone except for Hofstra. My heart was beating fast and with a voice that sounded unfamiliar to my own ears, I yelled. What do you want with this child? Is he the only one you can bully? Didn't you think he would be sick if he drank that water? Why do you pick on him so much? Hofstra answered innocently. It's not my fault he's willing to do anything for ice cream and sweets. The kids tease him because he's dumb. I watch out for him, so he doesn't get beaten up. What do you mean dumb? Aren't you ashamed of yourself calling him names? He isn't dumb at all Jose calmly said, Don't upset yourself. Why are you so angry? Some kids are less intelligent than others. Some like our Ash are talented and have a high IQ and others like this one are a bit slow. He's not slow at all. You're all labeling him, Fattens! Said derisively. Why don't you want to accept the truth? A child who hasn't talked by this age must be retarded. His lack of speech has nothing to do with being retarded. His doctor says that some kids start talking later. It has nothing to do with his intelligence rubbish. We've never seen a smart, intelligent four year old who doesn't talk? My hostel began talking when he was still crawling, I answered with exasperation. No. He started talking when he was still in your belly. But as you can see, he isn't smart at all. So talking early or late has nothing to do with being smart fact, and pursed her lips and said. What did you say Jose? Did you hear what she said about my son? Jose got up and walked towards me and trying to remain calm. Said try to control yourself. Instead of getting angry. You should seriously think of doing something about this child. My voice kept getting louder and louder. There is nothing wrong with him. You should seriously think of doing something about your own child, Shine! Said mary ann, that's not nice. My brother didn't say anything hurtful. He's just worried about your son and thinks you should take him to a doctor. All the Children in our family are clever, this sort of case is very uncommon. All the Children in my family are clever too. Don't worry about this one either. There's nothing wrong with him. I took shoddy from finished his arms and turned to shop, who was looking at me, startled the next time someone calls you dumb, smack him in the mouth. Do you understand? I couldn't stand being there anymore, so, grabbing shops hand, I turned and went home without saying goodbye. I knew that my reaction would seem very strange to my husband's family. Who before this had always seen me as a quiet, shy person. The whole situation would probably explode with all kinds of repercussions. As soon as I got home my anger subsided into feelings of despondency and fatigue. I was out of words, as though I said all there was to say. I gave Shahab a bath and put fresh clothes on him. He never took his eyes off me. I couldn't tell anything from his eyes. I knew that he was surprised by my unusual reaction, but I wasn't sure what he thought of it. My calm exterior belied my inner agitation. My anger was rekindled. When Nassar got home, I complained to him about the insults they had aimed at our child. And as always he looked at me in silence and just chewed on his mustache. What do you want me to do? Maybe they're right. I looked at him for a few seconds and then jumped up and yelled, Do you think this child is retarded too? If he isn't retarded, why won't he talk? Didn't the doctor say there was nothing wrong with his hearing or the rest of his body? Maybe he has a mental problem? Stop this nonsense. There's nothing wrong with my child. I know it. He talks to me with his eyes. You're a mother. You don't want to accept the truth are. Ash took his father's side. He's right, mom. If he wasn't dumb, he wouldn't do whatever they asked him. He's a child. He doesn't understand right from wrong. You're his older brother. You have to look out for him. It's none of my business. I'm ashamed of walking around him. Everyone says your brother is an idiot. I don't want a brother like him. Shut up. Instead of keeping other people from saying such things. You're repeating them yourself. Miriam, He's right. Try to accept the truth. Leave me alone. My child is not an idiot to help with you. And then I began to cry out loud