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good morning. I'm video murthy, and this is tech into with Wired. Here's the news you need to know in two minutes or less. Powered by the Salvation Army every day. Tough breaks happen toe honest folks. But thankfully, every day good people happen to bad things to give. Ask your smart speaker to make a donation to the Salvation Army or make your gift at Salvation Army usa dot org's president Trump's notes overshadow today's impeachment hearings. A Getty photographer captured a photo of President Donald Trump's notes before a press conference responding to today's impeachment hearings. The notes include things like I want nothing, I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelinsky to do the right thing and this is the final word from the prez of the U. S. As you might imagine, the all cap Sharpie notes set the Internet ablaze. The likely reason Disney plus accounts are getting hacked following the launch of Disney. Plus, thousands of the streaming service accounts went up for sale on various hacking forums, leaving users locked out of their accounts. But the way hackers gained access to the accounts isn't all that complicated. The most likely way in is something called credential stuffing, where hackers find user names and passwords leaked in other breaches and use those same credentials on all kinds of platforms to see what sticks. So, for heaven's sake, get a password manager and now for today's fast fact. Nine million. That's the estimated death toll associated with soot polluted air worldwide. A new study shows the results here in the US, where tens of thousands are still dying as a result of it every year. Want more news you can use? Sign up for the tech into newsletter at wired dot com slash t t.