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A roughly seven minute sample of me reading my own short story, Affirmations, written specifically for the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Evil Idol 2018 contest. The story was set to appear in Round 2, but I did not make it to that round, so it was unaired at that time. Contains two characters, one the main character, the other a creature antagonizing him.

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I got my laptop in Google, the list of affirmations I started to read them. I am strong even when situations make me feel weak. I'm strong, even when situations make me feel weak. That was a good one to start with. When I lose focus, I find ways to get me back to where I need to be. Yes, needed that one. When I lose focus, I find ways to get me back to where I need to be. What I visualize I could make happen. What I visualize I could make happen. Sometimes I forget important things. I looked around and read that on the screen. I could swear I heard it, but all that was here with me. Well, all my stuff, too, but nobody around. It must have just been a little whispering in my ear again, but it didn't sound like it was me. I just had to ignore it as about to continue reading. When the lights of my apartment went out, my computer stayed on thanks to the battery. But other than the street lamp that burned reddish through the small glass block window that shone into my kitchen, that was the only light My electric bill. Of course. I hadn't paid anything in a while. How long have you been? The pile of mail was too difficult to read, but it was getting high. I looked at it and suddenly my temper got the better of me. And I pushed it all onto the floor. Wait, What was I doing? I needed to focus. I just go and pay it. Tomorrow I could find ways to get me back to where I need to be. I looked at the next information. When my mind is in a good place, so is the rest of me. When my mind is in a good place. What should never is the whisper again. I turned and looked through the darkness but saw nothing. I grumble that it's a shut up that he needed to keep going. Even if I lose small battles, I can win the war. Even if I lose small battles, I can lose my temper the wrong time. No. There in the corner to shining lights. A vague shape, A blur beyond the range of the brightness of my laptop screen. Something was there watching me. Before I knew it, I reached for the closest thing at hand, which happened to be my laptop and without thinking, I threw it at those eyes. I said, Shut up. There was a crash. My main source of light vanished. Other than that faint light from the street, I was completely in the dark. Tim it. Why did I let it get to me? There's nothing there. It's just a trick of the life. I'm letting my negativity get to me. I am strong even when situations make me feel weak. I am strong even when situations make and he wonder if I am good enough. They tried to drown out that voice with no more affirmation Street from I tried to come up with my own. I I I could do anything I set my mind to. I heard a slithering sound from the corner where the shape had been. For a moment, I thought I saw those two pinpoints of light. What I tried to keep track of them, though the street lamp outside was not strong enough to make anything clear, and my eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark enough to help. You are too afraid to do anything right. The voice is closer. But how could something in my head beginning closer? No, it's just a feeling. It isn't. It isn't something you can touch. I suddenly thought of Twisted my ankle playing baseball. I could have been good. It could been great if I had tried, but I was too scared to. No, I can't think about that now. Like have to concentrate on now. It's too late for anything. Yes, it was. I would never meet the right person, never get married. Never had kids to be somebody floating through life of no ambition, Nothing to reach for nothing but dead end job. Wait, I didn't even have that anymore. My ice could now make out more of the apartment, the edge of the refrigerator, the stove, the couch leading into the living room, the kitchen table, the kitchen table where I could see fingers blacker than black slide over the top, followed by a misshapen lump in which two white lights appeared. They stared into my soul. The front door was behind me. I could run. I could get out of here. Go anywhere, get into the light, be somewhere other than my apartment. You can't leave where will you go? Where can I go? Where were all my friends? What friends? I didn't know anybody in the area. Oh, could I turn to help me? I couldn't even afford a therapist. No, I close my eyes. I counted backwards from 10. What? I can visualize I could make happen. Slithering sound continued coming up for my kitchen table. I am alone in my apartment. There's nothing here but me. I am alone in my apartment. There is nothing here but me. I heard scrabbling. Now is long. Then talents collect on the table. It sounded like something was standing And then I felt the clause running against my shirt by I am alone in my apartment. There is nothing here but me. Hot breath came in close to my face stinging my shut eyes. Something like a fort tongue ran itself over my mouth. I am all you have left in the world. I am not alone in my apartment. There's something here with me