Excerpts from Chapter1 of \"I FLUNKED SUNDAY SCHOOL\"
Sister Selma and Lloyd Boyd discuss her need for a Personal Preacher,

and from \"FOR THE LOVE OF MIC\" - Mr. Fergusson, examiner for the FCC and Steve get him ready to take his test to become a radio announcer.

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Lloyd Boyd. Personal preacher turned that down. Can't you see I'm on the phone? It was a she. Well, you could have you ever looked up from that television? What's a personal preacher in? How are you talking to me? Are you Lord Boyd? Yes. Then I'm talking to you. Give me that remote. Do you live alone? Yes. Lucky You heard me. Watch the show. Go on. Preaching With so many personal trainers and personal shoppers, why not a personal preacher? Well, we need a preacher. Come to 13. 26 Serene Street. Sunday 9 a.m. Sharp. And you are getting mad about a minute. Give me that remote a beat. And I was talking to a dial Tom. Oh, Okay, then. Fine. Testing fees. 3 50 cash cheque. I dug in my pockets and handed him $31 bills, three dimes and four nickels. Made a receipt brush out. Um, I don't think so, sir. I'm just happy. Take test today. Oh, okay. Fine. In you go. Sit intestine room. You're under. I'll get the test for you. You got a number two pencil? Of course,