Real guy talking about his strong teeth

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This is an audition I just read for an online ad where a guy is talking about how he went from bad teeth to strong teeth.

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Hi there, I'm Michael Bailey and I want to share with you an unusual sight. Just take a look at this video of me lifting a wooden table filled with drinks using only my teeth. You're probably thinking that my teeth are different, unusual or stronger, but that's where you'd be wrong. Not too long ago, my teeth were on the brink of falling out, riddled with cavities. My gums were inflamed and every night I'd lay awake plagued by relentless toothache. On top of that, the breath that came out of my mouth was so bad that it pushed friends and family away. Nobody could stand being near me. So how is it that a guy whose teeth were nearly falling out due to severe cavities and gum disease can now lift 100 and £30 table full of drinks with just his teeth. Well, it has nothing to do with brushing more flossing daily or getting dental treatments and it certainly has nothing to do with being born with strong teeth.