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Josh Rachlis plays the role of "Teacher" in a radio commercial for Seattle Aquarium. I recorded from Toronto, patched in with the clients in Seattle. I did my part before they recorded the kids. I ad-libbed a bunch of my lines. Recorded May 17, 2014. We recorded 4 spots: A 30 and 60 of SeaStar, which each have different lines, and a 30 and 60 of Octopus, which each also have different lines.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Okay, Settle down, kids. Who can tell me something cool about a sea star who they swim, the crawl access. You can catch them there, Bumpy. Yes, but did you know, see, stars do not have a brain like yeah. No, not like Gavin. You know what else they eat And who through their mouth? Crazy. Right. But it doesn't make them any less pretty. Maybe a little less plenty. You're right. Maybe discover what you've been missing at the Seattle Aquarium. Home to amazing marine animals and underwater wonders. Some a delightful surprise. Others a bit, well, unexpected. Parking is plentiful and nearby. Lots and garages from slow is $3 for our visit us on Pier 59 or online at Seattle aquarium dot org's. Who has a fun fact about otters, Anyone? They hold hands while they sleep so they never just apart. It's true. Isn't that sweet? Seattle Aquarium. Find out. Dive in