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Geronimo stilton book

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Since this was a demo I thought I could read my favourite geronimo book the way of the samurai and hope it was good

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Child (5-12)


Indian (Hindi) , Indian (Hinglish)


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This book is written by journey moves stilton. You're exciting as a rule camp. Dear Roland Friends. Do you know me? My name is journey must filter. I've earned the jordans jesse, the most famous news people who mouse Al it. I am also a bristling, bestselling. I would love to write about my amazing adventures. In fact, the one I'm going to tell you now just might make your full stand on the end. It takes place in a mysterious location. But let me start from the beginning. It was a tropical, saturday night. I was so in Markazi mouth. Soon I had just finished my tropical saturday night dinner one day cheese pizza born in the arts, drink dinner in large cheese pizza, Mozilla milkshake and a large, cheesy dan ish. I put my tropical saturday night outfit, B. J. S and cat for slippers. Then I sang into my favorite poaching and I begin living through the photo albums allow my photo elbows. They reminded me of great trips I have taken. Thank you. Yeah.