My normal speaking voice is an "everyman's" voice, smooth, professional, even cadence; it has an almost baritone timbre, a pleasing rumble if you will, not too deep. Believable, considerate, sincere, firm, authoritative, directed.

I enjoy creating characters for the voices I have so that I know in advance how they'd say a particular phrase or respond to another character. I have great comedic timing, can think quickly on my feet, and enjoy brainstorming with clients to develop the copy/script to deliver the maximum effective spot or create the most engrossing program.

I have also coached my share of voice talents during my radio tenure and I understand their frustration and the clients, having been on both sides of that fence. I believe I offer a very comfortable medium.

I can create custom characters for specific product launches, spots, and programs--a voice mascot for example. I am not opposed to licensing such a voice to a particular client under the right circumstances and yes, I mean money.

Besides the accents you see below, I also have characters like The Scientist: a curmudgeonly irrascible fellow with a slight drinking problem; Black Bart: A rootin' tootin' shootin' slightly imbecilic wild west cowboy; Cletus: a loud and obnoxious Southerner more concerned about the skirting on his double-wide than he is about his britches; Avian the Cat: A smart talking feline that smokes and has been in rehab for catnip addictions.

There's a lot more and I am anxious to unleash the full gamut of my voice work on client's eager to rise above the noise.

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