Steven Varnum Cartoon Characters



A short demo of an animated commercial where nI play all the characters

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


German North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes) North American (US Upper Midwest - Fargo, Minnesota)


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Don't tell me they are behind schedule again. I need this'll. Is that shorting monkey and robots yesterday? Yes, Dr Nefarious, I understand, but no bust as Harvick Tariq empires the conquer planets to explode. Certainly it's just the engineers. They're working at full capacity, but the timeline is too short. We can't keep up O. C about sat Use their design. Lucky be, sir vault of you to say for yourself Value so far behind. Uh, where to start. For every design we have to build, you need parts and assemblies. We should be reusing designs high. Desperately need a three D printer to new prototypes that could be tested and assembled. City them directly to manufacturing. It's not only putting the further behind its slowing us down as well, so we'll buy a three D printer. Easy. No, there's bore. We need some kind of version control with our shared documents. Files are being edited willy nilly. The stakes were big made and we're even missing designs. No one knows what the latest version is. It's chaos. I haven't even Mission Health. Steve. The management TV is about our about our approval. Work flows. Will cat edge saved the day. Will the nefarious robotics engineering department ever get fixed? Well, Dr Nefarious realizes childhood dream of world domination. Using laser shooting robot monkeys stay tuned to see what happens next.