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My demo reel pulls you in give you a warm, inviting feeling. From a broadcaster's invitation to a Podcast/E-learning video, self-love and interesting and informational value of our Earth's ocean.

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She's funny. She's smart, She's fearless. She's ***. She's the superstar entertainer who feels like your B f f. She's Ellen DeGeneres, the comedian, host, writer and producer that Americans love toe love. In short, Ellen is a tour de force looking for a little bit of fun in the sun. Well, we've got you covered. Welcome to our top 10 picks for the world's best beaches. So you've got that perfect beach bond and you want to show it off. But not just any stretches of sand will do. You want paradise at Number 10 wide Haven Beach, on with Sunday Island, Australia. They say no man or woman is an island. Humans are social beings who often work better together. We like someone to lean on, consult even ca vetch, too. But self help can also be beneficial because nobody knows you like you. In today's tutorial will take a look at various types of self improvement that help you make the best of yourself. Ocean, a vast blue green expanse covering more than 70% of the earth, the ocean is the life blood of the planet, producing more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere life began in the sea and the ocean is still home. Toe around a 1,000,000 species. But how did this vital body of water get here? It began some 3.8 billion years ago.