A Documentary read in American English from a book about Horses

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A short sample read from a Pictorial book about Horses written by Paula Hammond. I read a paragraph from the first part of the book \"Types of Horses\".

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A documentary of horses from a book called horses, stunning photographs from the Equine world from Paula Hammond types of horses. If we could travel back in time 54 million years grazing on the grasslands, we'd see small dog sized mammals with hooves in place of claws. The ancient horses looked very different from their modern counterparts. In fact, horses, as we could recognize them, only arrived on the scene about five million years ago. Horses belong to the family equity, which includes ***** and zebra. Ponies aren't a separate species, but breeds of small horse from the tiny Falabella to the massive shires. These beautiful animals very greatly in stature, strength and speed.