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today's just the beginning of incredible things to come on your Bank of America journey. We know you're a rock star. That's why we hired you. So let's get started. In Module one, you'll learn about our history and growth and our transition to become one of the largest and most recognizable brands in America. The voice of a generation is barely holding on, while the voice of a stranger makes a desperate call for help. Whitney Houston was one of the most beloved artists on the planet, but she also fought a long losing battle with drug addiction. The day before the 2012 Grammys, Whitney was staying at the Beverly Hilton. Her assistant left her alone in her room. Less than an hour later, the 48 year old pop icon was pronounced dead, a remote and pristine Marine reserve in the wild blue waters of the Pacific. Flanked by one of the world's richest and most extensive coral reefs, Cocos Island is home to breathtaking giant manta rays and playful bottlenose dolphins. The legendary oceanographer Jacque Cousteau called Coco's the most beautiful island in the world. The woman, weeping at the 1964 premiere of Mary Poppins, none other than the classic books author P. L. Travers. But these were not tears of joy or gratitude. Travers hated the movie. The Disney adaptations. Success at the box office was a blessing and a curse, saving her from bankruptcy. But robbing Mary Poppins of the subversive edge Travers had so carefully crafted she never forgave Walt Disney Deep in Arctic waters, giant elephant seals and sea lions fall prey to the largest and most feared predator in the sea, the great white Shark. Using state of the art technology, researchers will attempt to decode its hunting techniques to see for the first time what the great white shark sees as it swims months and ultimately slays its prey.